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Activities & results

In general, the objective of Job Emotions Club project is to improve the employability of unemployed adults who are looking to rejoin the labor market by devoloping a methodology that allows these people to participate actively in a job club where they can acquire social skills linked to Emotional Intelligence.


Each phase of the project (preparation, implementation, dissemination and follow up) will be managed effectively in order to meet the stated objectives and expected results. During project lifetime and after its completion, the partnership will ensure the following results: 


1) Conducting a research on the status of Job Clubs and the training of Emotional Intelligence linked to the search and/or improvement of employment


2) Developing innovative materials related to interpersonal and interpersonal intelligence that support professionals in the field of employment guidance for adults in search of employment


3) Testing the materials develop during the project with employment advisor and unemployed people in search of employment in the different participating countries.


4) Analyze the effectiveness of methodology and materials developed in different cultural, economic and social contexts (different countries)


5) Developing a guide for adult trainers and advisor describing the methodology to manage a Job Club where they work, as well as techniques of active Jobe search, the training of Emotional intelligence and personal growth.



The results created will be monitored and will be easily to be adopted also after the duration of the project. 

Dowload here the materials

Training Module I - Intrapersonal Intelligence

Training Module II - Interpersonal Intelligence

Training Guide - Job Emotions Club

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