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The project is funded by Erasmus+ under KA2 Strategic Partnership for adult education strand and aims to develop a methodology to help adults looking for work to enhance their employment opportunities. 

Unemployed people will have the opportunity to be involved in Job Clubs, space where who is looking for a job, will share experiences, plan and carry out activities to improve their opportunities to get a job. In this space, unemployed people have the support of counsellors, trainers or other professionals in order to improve their skills and enhance their chances of return into labour market. They will also be trained in Emotional Intelligence, where they will learn the importance of recognising, understanding and managing their own and other people’s emotions. The tangible outputs of the projects are two, based on training job advisors and job seekers on emotional intelligence, for one side focused on intrapersonal skills and for the other side focused on interpersonal skills


The  project is aimed at improving the employability of unemployed adults who seek to re-enter the labor market by developing a methodology that allows them to actively participate in a work club where they can acquire skills in social networks linked to emotional intelligence, contributing to further improving their employment opportunities.

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